Digital X-Rays in Houma, LA

Digital X-Rays in Houma, LA

Digital X-rays are a dynamic diagnostic and assessment tool for dental providers. We offer modern digital x-rays at our practice, both for your convenience and efficiency of treatment. This advanced technology eliminates the need to develop conventional X-ray films. Patients waiting time is considerably reduced as the digital images are obtained immediately, thus making it possible to diagnose your dental condition on the spot and plan the required treatments. We offer high-tech digital X-rays to deliver efficient and comfortable treatments.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital technology involves using a small radiographic camera. It efficiently captures images of each tooth while replacing the conventional film used in traditional X-rays. This technology conveniently removes the need to develop or chemically process the photos. Instead, the images are instantly displayed on a computer screen as each scan is completed so that they can be viewed within minutes. 

What Are the Uses of Digital X-Rays? 

Digital X-rays can pass through the soft tissues of the mouth and face but are absorbed by the hard enamel material of teeth and bone. This allows us to observe the potential oral health problems that may not be easily visible during a visual exam. Digital X-rays are used primarily to spot cavities, but they can also help us look at tooth roots, evaluate the health of the bone surrounding the tooth, assess likely periodontal disease problems, analyze tooth and jaw positioning, and keep track of tooth development in younger patients.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • The radiation exposure of patients is significantly less than the traditional X-rays
  • They offer better and more precise imaging results, enabling our dentist to discover abnormalities in teeth and gums instantly.
  • They help identify cavities, tumorous masses, and other hidden dental structures.
  • They allow for a more detailed, accurate analysis of the oral structures
  • They help immediately transfer images to a computer screen so that they can be viewed and explained to the patient
  • The digital images can be adjusted, enlarged, and saved for future reference
  • They offer the ability to compare your X-rays with one another digitally
  • They help in the reduction of waste and other harmful chemicals

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